Andrea Törnestam speech and her visit to the GS election campaign

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Andrea Törnestam speech and her visit to the GS election campaign

Andrea Törnestam about her visit to the GS election campaign.

Andrea Törnestam, union secretary of the SD tells about her visit to the GS election campaign. From GS election prelude 1-2 February 2018.

Hello Andrea Törnestam, union secretary at SSU, you have just talked to the participants are on our election run-up. Did great. I would like to know why it is interesting for SSU in getting to GHS exchange rate to bring a lot?

To win from our cooperation GS knows exactly members and the particularly. The young of our members are one very important Molly right now. Because we know we are striving following the same interests for the same goal and then we have everything to be gained by cooperating.


You’ve talked a lot about the importance of walking out to young people above all on the internet and in social media. We will work with. What do you want me to bring out of these? How are we going to reach them.

First that the internet is a very large part of everyone’s life, but especially young people’s lives and just like in real life, but maybe even more so on social media. So good Do you think that men only see it which already confirms, one’s picture of reality and then we have to think oss into the real picture and connect it to ours. questions to our politics and a lot that I don’t much to benefit from the fact that we can do well together.

Is there any question that you think will be especially important for young people in this creature?

I think the most important issue for young people is shopping about security and When do you think you can also feel hope for the future. so connect the two security that welfare is there security at work printed employees have a really small. Good working environment. I think that is a prerequisite for that you should also be able to have faith in the future.

Thank you very much.

Andrea Törnestam speech February 14, 2013 In the Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm

Demonstration against THE RUSSIAN ANTIGAY LAW

On February 14, 2013, Grön Ungdom Stockholms Stad arranged a demonstration against the Russian anti-gay law in Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm. Andrea Törnestam from SSU spoke at the demonstration. A big thank you to Ung Pirat Stockholm who contributed all the technology.

My name is Andreas. I come from SSU Stockholm Social Democratic Youth Association and I think so. Precisely because we can’t do this one said that we’ll take that one. It is important that we do what we can important that everyone does what we can therefore I am glad that the Social Democrats in Stockholm City Hall demand that Stockholm city Petersburg because it is important to Put so well popular what we do now as political and economic pressure.

I just got back from a day of work at preschool and that our curriculum in the preschool as Almonds about everyone’s equal value and criticism. Now going up against the Russian embassy damn it.

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