Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Best Urdu & English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 15 In Best Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Best Urdu & English Subtitles, washes your head our soul can’t hear Even if we can’t catch it, who is the spy? revealed At least we kept our promise free the ilyas and the levents Don’t you understand, we say that the spy has escaped, Pasha?

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Anyway, it’s obvious who he is. when we raid of course we will

We’re not at fault in the gate thing. didn’t it show up keep your word, let them go, don’t be hard on us Pasha fast I won’t give them until the spy is captured You don’t need to give I am ready we know how to take How dare you not let them go your lesson fasting my brother kept his promise exposed the spy let your whole army be upon us I won’t give them to you and know your place

I am the state You are not the state State never been a bed of coyotes sometimes

when the Wolves leave the Square empty coyotes take advantage of this can be smashed but The day will come, the time will turn wolves stick out their claws cleans up all the coyotes be patient until that day Pasha Because we put our patience in our anger we know now let them go Don’t lose our patience too soon pray you’re not one of these guys You are a State like Kemal Reis You’re your man’s nephew, Barbarossa Episode 15 In Best Urdu & English Subtitles

don’t tolerate these words That’s the only reason I’m showing even if you don’t show it to people

Will Kilicdar sleep on my neck too? don’t try my patience it’s under a dent because of those guys I was going to die, did you forget that again? I will do it again what’s wrong with these guys spy proven to be As per your word, you have to leave the levents You represent the authority of the state here you do Pasha the reputation of the broken state grandparents,


i won’t let that happen I took their ilyasalevents behind

i don’t give Let’s do it on my neck with a sword command them to hold we are two states because of these men man quarrel with each other Shame on you I’m right next to what’s right i go crazy state education requires Come on hit my neck I have no fear but How do you account to Sultan Beyazıt then?

you will give it think about it what have our spies done to you all?

but we have your spies in the best does not believe tormenting them Every day vengeance burns my fire even more when you cut off your head First of all, Demir avenged my life. I will be It’s good for us to be a prisoner. Touch me. In Emircan beykence, such revenge in the city he said he would take but in the end i killed him it’s already good enough to work This is the unrighteous right take

it now whatever you do There is no conqueror of the castle, one with his love you intervened on the floor,

our own spy because you’ve had it over your head I barred you from the siege behind you will stop How the castle was conquered All of you you will see get ready, gather the soldiers time to attack the castle O Mashallah naughty when angry You go to the tent and get treatment.

We go to the attack site either justice will find its place How did you not learn that fasting is a game?

Martin Sir I learned but you learned you learned but isn’t it a thing of the past? Whatever happens most important admiral now it’s a huge loss for us it happened you are the one i trust most in this siege You were my weapon and exposed through your own fault you came out

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Best Urdu & English Subtitles

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