Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 28 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Best Urdu English Subtitles, let’s start the wedding let’s start the wedding does it stop Is it possible these two of us hung the house does he lairs who are sick took half the ships in the sea again This love of the ship has fallen, Barbarossa Episode 28 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

my beauty is mine my sibling’s more these are nice

If Turkcell owns Kalyon, is it like this? close to trouble I hope you will So I have a request from you let’s see He is the number of the sea, November I let’s see you pull you into the box like this we are not like the list activity from our hands Let’s go on strike tomorrow morning before daybreak. son- I’ll tell you all there don’t tell anyone about this o Particularly, did you find it? my brother,

I wish you together and If you are ready from Khidr,

don’t get in trouble I’m another ad an Come no one else knows aniko I’m like this from here don’t come bro we set out on a road, everything is sinless pup inner god us dare lying ill sure give strength God God created the world Moses as he passed the prophet, If I had called the sea, the pirate bed will pass my sister yes she is and do you know these shores who is here

This is Djerba Island this is Aydın Reis here raid an ax and the Maltese King Even

when his son was taken prisoner Calling him a stamp Diablo when he thought it was a shroud they started devil Your vehicle look, this is Eğriboz Kemal Reis After the conquest, it was almost like Levent. He made his school Circassians from Anatolia come here they arrive here the secrets of Derya learn and mouth preparation claw preparation they become Levent like a lion


God Here is the Sinop Divan Here is Burak Reis It’s the biggest that history has ever seen.

In the name of the builders of ships they sky These seas are like these so far did not witness to monsters And this place is blue from Egypt to Morocco shores Here is the Levent tariff of various sizes. Act with the permission and representation of the sword brain Some people trade and count gold And some people take their swords and understand the Cruel This is Payitaht Istanbul.

the heart of the earth is here Kemal Reis is next to our sultan separately

If you count, Kemal Reis is next to our sultan. You say you’re from a palace, Aydın is piracy Wooden sword and trades Burak At the head of the Reis shipyard, but it is the same is not and all these pussies and signs they are all these threads We are making history Anam We shoot the property of the world That’s why your favorite Organization on your account by Allah’s leave, the heaviest load is a you know how we will remember back

All this if there was one in the shade of the tree valiant people should be united in the light of the crescent moon

this is my aim this is the time we’ll stop If all the things you counted were one Seal the Turk he will be shot and hopefully he will find we need to wait a bit, first of all this map get rempap from your dark deeds up to the cabinets he turned learn what’s up with the rich even Pro keep this secret until it’s time to wake up need to sleep in the heart

Barbarossa Episode 28 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

this welcome daddy what do you drink nothing you know you know that leg if not run we will lose dandruff Let me take a breather while I’ve come this far I said come on, mind your business daddy it Right Good luck Jafar I’m not well at all Sir do you have a daughter Look girl you handled things just fine I think it’s news, isn’t it his fault? already sir those who dyed his eyes are also to blame The Well from the back,

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