Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 29 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 29 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 29 With Best Urdu English Subtitles, There was one crazy person about us. That’s how confused I am by Byzantium the ruler Constantine gave the people treat it kindly and go to the game He used to explain sweetly but sometimes

he wouldn’t stop saying inches the buses have changed, look, from

the side they used to pull sticks in the market until they gave up if we come across this after us He changes his mind when he sees it. If it doesn’t change still I’m down on the seas if he keeps saying god this nice stick we draw some dissolve but if you say so it is so Babaoglu well

Barbarossa Episode 29 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

I swear and I said let’s be like this diet thanks What are these that much

Yes sir three of them So much Meister from the Turkish village we came out students myself So died a lot what a meaningless loss tired and They chose to die exhausted. because you are not a farmer I swear you’re lying my hands are calloused not and something came to our water in my follow-up i eat you

this tell your friends for this salvation let them get ready this stealing your brother

HE What does it mean because fasting You are all everybody killed we hooked up again here i found to bring it [Applause] He hit turns and this is everything Yaren These Situations are good Instagram on the way to the shop none While only by the account of the field-worshipper his account is a bit messed up You came, now arrange them all you put the calculus who knows the book better than you Is there Evelallah

what will I not do, who is it? will do yeah I made vinegar cubes for pleasure its sherbet is healing easy book book later let go

He let me separate I just came here dn20 Is there no conversation, my aunt with today’s model gathered now outside or miss By Allah, if you go out and wander Did your house Ali break the head? is it from you now let it go boy You go go, don’t be late, thank you If it’s up to you,

I’ll tie it to the chain If you tie me with that chain,

it’s like I’m standing who will go Little First of all, be blessed İlyas Good luck Ares or the thrown out who adorned your dreams you want so much, don’t look my name out I have only one love without drinking every feature results to you He you will be a big man But somehow your dreams come true did not turn and this language papers work is not lost

I didn’t understand in the sea or you make me happy on your Khidr maybe told

The day we will take 15000 aunts from home didn’t you catch him leaving after this I couldn’t bear to tell you that he loved you didn’t wake up Sakarya just look behind us this Tugba is offended I can’t forget right now Dad fly always on my mind either we are one with you like these two knives

we know and whoever comes in front of us this is but the real

we were saying the wound inside us as we watched Look, my job is GATA’s Chief. The procedure to this Derya Sevda is graduated your years have fallen apart from these women you didn’t call in our idil, this is the news we He wants to be a Sultan because he is the pirate of oils couldn’t he what do we do when

Barbarossa Episode 29 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

we go to the sea with RAM so go ahead but sometimes can you give It’s your resting religion I’ll tell you I wish you’d never leave the pony is not it there we will ride Arif either sorry if i went welcome we know this is welcome i have a good evening have a good way, bless your hand found it god bless Blessed be you too happy with you Satan lets start if it comes out

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