Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 30 With Best Urdu& English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 30 With Best Urdu& English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 30 With Best Urdu& English Subtitles, There are times when I can’t forgive Take a pretty girl like this and go to Erikli Let your almond crown bake the coming of fasts A beautiful table is near, longing they have remained Joyful from me Saying I’ll get pregnant even if he says I haven’t dried it You come

your disc is forgiven, thank goodness is it male A how many more weeks passed but be sure beard do

We’ve asked before But God always He put us to the test once. he didn’t, now my fasting is his enthusiasm I wanted to put it in your crop say my cry one foot here one life happens outside, even this news is wrong If only you would bind the fast to your home keep your heart free my family with someone else’s bikes pollution leave the father’s home with the only word of this fast

I came to this foreign country Nero follow me If he will go,

it has been said that he is my fast. I said I had a dream, I’ll pull away Do you have all these books? Master Süleyman on a beautiful treasure map ready son the money started to fall, I couldn’t come don’t hesitate to welcome I’m sorry. also be careful, I will come today you go home, you come here in the evening he was saying we don’t have time to wait You don’t need a map

I guess I’m ready 3 Is there I love you sultan’s purse,

this fizz Adem Korkut Transport finally really one of the keys to the problem is in his uncle emos After Cem Sultan killed your colors Sehzade, whatever precious thing is on it. A lot of people who brought it in a scary way she talks so sweet but in the end succeeded don’t mind master no key Right [Applause] die my dear amen help early pope No, but write in capital letters.


ya Dad come on GOP Ordu one of the keys will not fit closed the summer

what would you be But these are just news from the book keys to unlock the book they don’t know any I think the key never been to the Frankish provinces Cem Sultan does it gave it to one of his family Sehzade Murat but there was a moment that taught water families in yeast that’s exactly why I’m at it I will go there to visit to find the key This is the grandson of Sultan Fatih.

to save from disgrace very dangerous the people around you are so dangerous your father specially sent

that hand bloody murderer he is next to Şehzade Murat during the pen I took Şehzade Murat exactly from there. i will miss master vote I let us breathe but I’m getting bored now See it as our last chance today give the names of the men as soon as possible now i said never Flower to dissolve HE why are they going yet nice huh also run away with her very young child,

my wife oh oh my mother arabian come tomorrow has learned

this is it safe If the gentlemen find him It is also very difficult to reach the follow-ups tomorrow. it is not possible and in the ear Ok now to the part even the music is happening somewhere we’d find it Gosh I thought you would be happy You’re going ahead of me,

I’m happy about it Expert I set up the workbench step by step in my head

An intelligence from Şehzade Korkut made my job easier soon there will be a great ceremony in kalymnos That’s what I’ll pull out in that crowd I thought Ata the key is not Murat’s either in the crowd you think of everything if you hadn’t fallen into armor Expert best to keep or not crowded

Barbarossa Episode 30 With Best Urdu& English Subtitles

If you’re going to do business, it’s not bad you’ll make the decision when it’s given to the riot When You will be I’m Omer next to me says won’t post A lot soon he loved you as my son, Yakup The tree was mistaken This Meadow bush Derya wouldn’t be without a madman, Master Send me a picture too when this heart of the table arrives Either stop or be very careful

Barbarossa Episode 30 With Best Urdu& English Subtitles

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