Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu & English Best Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu & English Best Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu & English Best Subtitles, you know i’m here huh let our feet be dry Maybe there is a Cümbüş in the direction Rabbi you shoot on camera don’t leave your guards this harassing cannon as soon as you see the ships we will start in peace

you are still if they don’t everybody get super this silence what did it look like this

I saw the ship this Paris joins and nothing like us on this ship But what a curse inside there is god knows These were to the song Like a Seagull let their tongues fly, let them be worthy Uncle let’s be sober ba ba ba fasting These will be there for us obviously


Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

Let’s give support to us in Dargeçit they pinch a place we can cut and go not in range either talking is no longer possible

Allah Ya Allah Ya Bismillah Superb nation ball per ball After the starboard crowd Come to me this estinia wait waits I always stick around God bismillah fire bring the springs collision look it come But can you print vomit this call me bad then it Joyful never this What we do it now

You make me cry, you mean Sultan You are the old principal Deryada

I am a I wish I was a Sultan once right then he little first sit down and think Maybe we’ve been betrayed development to try we call it Trading this video The water is too cold this check Ibrahim is treason actually moment bye bye with Mustafa who is offended by history this and where should

i do What they have done to the oppressed will do I’ll take the price of innocent blood in one go you’ll see what it’s pouring Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop so that no more innocent blood will be shed flag you to this ship

i will shake it either my son my son no no this let me start between the moment

I did no harm do you have a machine Either let it go a little bro do you have a mustache today he’ll cause trouble, let’s see Yeah Let’s go, Emine, let’s go. He Forbidden to scholar Sir, you are waiting for family there is my brother, he will return today if he is lucky Let me say your eyes are clear Which one will come look who will be a man the future Khidr o Your help is the name of stepping on the vein

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Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu & English Best Subtitles

I said I guess there is no way did you come too Came Came if my brother is returning my brother is returning come come come all national collect will be 41 pare ball meet with a shot Joyful come here slow to the side and come here come Can’t you find anyone to date? what’s wrong with us so how long has it been we are waiting for khizr

I was so young when you left now you have become a big man

he was going to come home anyway what was here you waited at home to reach then morning we gave the morning fever it’s coming fast saying but you are so happy because my brother is coming Even if he doesn’t say someone, he says his face when you stretch and even you missed the taste wait in silence Yes [Applause] ok i’m fine you remove it but we ate we said

let’s joke in the pool under our own burden we were going to look look take look at the door

this call To the nation’s purse on the sea If you proceed derived from poking Mice Khidr Yaman Merchant, who is thought to be one of them but someone’s strength is your mind agility descended from Jacob These situations show the Merchant team it’s not like their state,

what kind of alertness looks like a plantation but like Derya

you are like your lions you said with your mouth our name is Khidr Surely we will catch up with what is in trouble We have no business with the sword wife so i don’t look like Let it be so Joyful what’s up Rey I have something to eat too I guess You’ve been holding on since I came If you want to carry crew,

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