Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 33 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 33 With Perfect Urdu English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles Is there God be pleased Arabs fit for heir This Derya, which the Turks call the Mediterranean, is beautiful. the crown of kings of many sultans your rum is a monster that swallowed your throne Great Kayseri, even if you take it, this is in the sea fall into the hands of the pirates had become Forsa

Throw from the far end of the ancient world these are the cavalry galloping on your back

the poppies found the bow in front of them there is but they curse this sea Buca they counted the mother’s lap, not the Sea of Islands I will say that the castles in these waters they conquered a the ponies were one of the castles that got rid of One of the sipahis who participated in the war settled there 4D had a son and the truth-i Those who do not see to Derya who swallowed a thousand states They say what should the son do?


everything is clear today. i will evaluate this is water but thank you,

it’s our duty on this ship too heavy Our heavy intention is to pass through the gate Safely. But the reverses are written in Light transforming In the back, Mankind is of three kinds. there are rules and those who are afraid of the rules those who scare the kings But we were never afraid of thank god These states are all that we encounter today. even if it’s a bandit or the king but the scare has threw is it what we left

let our minds look the way from here sacrifice it God God is abundant rain heyamol bull heyamol

God God to your face no comment I loved it a lot this He’s the one who stays after starboard allan this Emla sent by the Ottoman sultan gifts will pass here Across the Echo that we don’t want to see us and become one has a crew At this time the Sultan is also maybe over Court Opportunity The oppressors become the organization it Chief if they get flea from something no lamps things

we lost ourselves we lost our freedom, our lives what’s left to lose

You talk too much but I need you to rest now it is not possible Don’t be a hero, let him see your fate from the ground stones it this Judging by the opposite Seda from the settings passage again

I don’t have to worry about going through the gate but we’ll still pass,

then he didn’t see himself this is hey either you understand these bird things Rooster that’s Aren’t you a seagull bird? this is how he becomes a father This seagull bird I know is in Derya. Saw a ship, it’s going to drop the Hill Immediately Isn’t it so that I can find something?

Barbarossa Episode 33 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

is that why fish squirm and they come to you Take your bite so we don’t have to bother Ever since it’s Wings birds like this a the sign came that they came through the thin passage by they’ll see in the sources soon

Barbarossa Episode 33


You mean God against the storm of trouble four brothers sailing floods agem those

who hit chains to seas stamped the waters that made everyone kneel they downloaded another your cams rips Derya horny they became blood relatives with the seas barder or on behalf of the first one to open Baba fasting was said years later, both brothers that horse became known to the barbarians o But they are pirates in this sea it’s time to be a Sultan

There was the unknown story of the famous Legend there is newer Is there welcome

Is there Is there this Grand Sail camadana o This From the pain since the way through the door was opened I squirm, I told you a thousand times But we didn’t listen He pointed at us, we said goodbye this of the ship whose cargo we guard it fell to us to determine the direction this bunches ergr i never lied to you and I got you into trouble that I didn’t get into before I didn’t send Hello,


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