Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 in Best English Urdu Subtitles

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Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 in Best English Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu With Urdu Subtitles Best

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 in Best English Urdu Subtitles the child is open I’m jumping on this type of bk Dad to me Dad come on son You can do it I kept your news hu hu dad dad daddy my daughter Esma hobby She is my daughter sign up Live well Thank you He said My name is Neçe Turkish embassy diploma But I will take you to Turkey Uncle who killed my father and my sister Ya no If you promise me, I will come with you promises that we will find them

I will do my best promise do you have it

now schl Western Anatolia tsuji harbor limon to Merve this Amat playful now mesat but oley He is very very far far ay Rahi sitting with anthrax Heh God bless him of of of of of of these messages not me buy the water this situation is very serious lk lk [Applause] Turkish state and 13 later what a funny thing in this life right now it’s not a very used tl that trust nobody votes speed he this is the first time to not be able to play Alo brother After that,

such Luck Ball and wonder naked Nurcan to

example God God to this lion and you will go again I something I didn’t do it, you did it three years ago, it was our teacher in Karlıova. I did . Yes, I got the plate, brother Understd, our image continued, he d Yes, sir, we received the package, the next man is going to the meeting point. My dear undersecretary, I need to present an emergency. I’m sorry, sir, we received the package, we are starting the evacuation process and you are in order Sir o Yes friends there is no package I do not want the slightest mistake and we will eat our chilli fd We won’t let it connect you.

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34

After 15 minutes, the helicopter will be the meeting point. It should be there. The helicopter does not wait long under the enemy . It’s understd I’ll get over them You wait this Starboard take a calm action do you have the air Adel to the air to a search for that dress autocot This Polo has a pl at the moment the letter is a trap for them This tree lives on that phone let’s see bye this yallah this Harman what have you done Do you quit Yes ok soul this licks oh this but is it external either right ya  ha is there

What’s up hurry then no i have to arrive in good time

they chased the nearest black directs immediately what was sent Sir husband swelled five minutes seconds nearest black redirected to support Turkey You are disconnected from my mother he is black for at least time sdf3 seconds helicopter five minutes seconds [Applause] He wants to die Hello what happened you locked yourself in the rm again you will see I can’t go out moment impossible for that black time is another second new music starts the topic in the toilet

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 in Best English Urdu Subtitles

I want to go to my dad I want to live in leap year it was t short it would have lived sir we had a little mishap after the package two vehicles stuck one We got it done black is on the road for support second is helicopter he black babies fire leave fire 2 of it successfully destroyed it he black second get ready your fire is getting ready and your fire is ready we’re 53 connections tk action

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