Hilux Classic: Back to Basics

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Hilux Classic: Back to Basics


We have seventh generation Toyota Hilux the cars being write to us with the courtesy this generation of Toyota Hilux commonly known as Vigo. This was first introduced in 2003 and it’s stayed in production until 2014. The car received multiple faces or multiple options that were offered in this car and it’s commonly known as Vigo. The two cars that we have today one of them is a UK spec car that comes with 3000 CC 1kd engine it’s called Vigo invincible.

What is the Hilux Classic story

This is the 2009 model so this is the first facelift of the car and this one is a 2014 model Pakistan assembled Vigo champion. Which comes with the 2500 CC 2tr this car is the 2014 volt so this is the facelift model, which offered in 2011 now I will show you all about the 7 generation of Toyota Hilux the complete review. I have already done of this car which is available if you want you can check that if you like a similar Vigo champ I’ve already done the review of that so let’s start and let me tell you all about this generation the local Vigo came with this 2 KD engine.

What are the Hilux Classic Accessories

This is a non-intercooler turbo engine this engine is at 2500 CC diesel engine which produces 102 horsepower 269 meter off top. This engine this car comes with a four-speed automatic transmission while this one the other engine options, which was not offered in the Pakistani car but was there this is a turbo intercooler engine. This is a 1 KD engine which is a 3000 CC engine that produces 161 horsepower with 343 Newton meter off talked and this is a this has a five-speed automatic transmission when you look at the front.

Now this grill comes in a chromed think so the owner of the skies changed to make the looks a little different apart from that you have your general bumper.

What are the Hilux Classic Parts

The top mount intercooler engine so this hood scoop is available because of that intercooler a intake in the local, one since there is no intercooler the hood is plain, this is one major difference also in this car. You have this Ironman snorkel and the front bumper this is a very common modification for Hilux of this generation so come onto the sides of the car if you look they both have identical side profile. Some panels that you are looking at on the doors.

These are not available in either of these two. These are available in the Thai model but the owner of this car has put in these panels other than that if you look. You have this Hilux d-4d emblem over here and you have this Hilux and invincible emblem over here other than apart from that I mean it’s extremely identical, yes.

The Hilux Classic Dashboard Design.

You have a Fender indicator light and plain mirror and in the face of fun you got the mirrored indicator light. If you would look at it apart from that, it all looks identical coming inside the car. This is your interior of champion. If you look at the dashboard design, the design is exact identically same in both the cars because it is the same car who you have menus climate control over here the steering design is a little different instrument cluster is a little different and you have some empty slope buttons.

The intent sipping into the interior of invincible as you can see the dashboard design is identical as or that of the local one the color is different this has a green interior tone whereas that has a beige interior tone. You have automatic climate control.

Use the Hilux Classic Vehicle as a relaxation vehicle

In this car, the instrument cluster is a little better looking in the sense that you have this trip trunci kind of a human flush to the steering design is different and you have cruise control as well and just one empty button. If you look at the fabric at the door that is also this perforated fabric in beige color.

You don’t have this chrome handles that you get in invincible. This perforated fabric this is a similar design it is the color is different and you don’t have the Chrome in jump that you get in this one.

Therefore, when you come to the back of the car hi double cabin design. There is not a lot of science to it but the differences is if you look at the taillights the design of the taillights is a little different between the facelift models. Now in this invincible one the rear latch can be locked which locked.

So you can independently open it by inserting the key with the local one you don’t have the independent lock option also. If you look at the emblems, so that has Tata Hilux and Vigo champion emblems. This one has total Hilux and invisible. There is no Vigo emblem over here this is an invincible truck and the high mode shop lamp.

Safety FeaturesHilux Classic

  1. Front parking sensors.
  2. Reversing camera.
  3. Hill descent control.
  4. ISOFIX child seat mounts.
  5. Seven airbags.
  6. Emergency brake signal.

Use the Hilux Classic Vehicle as a Play Vehicle

It comes with the same mechanism loci even this came with this facelift. Therefore, these are all the things that I had to tell you about this seventh generation of Tata Hilux. The seat comfort is definitely two notches better compared to the local one.

The car has cruise control automatic climate control and this car has traction control as well apart from that, this is the UK spec model. Therefore, this car has your indicator and the Viper on the opposite sides. The orientation is different for both that is one thing that this car has acceleration wise.

Something you should be worried or concerned about it’s a hype big body cut vehicle. So obviously, the braking is literally. It does not break as your normal conventional car would brakes are a little different. The seat comfort is much better in terms of fuel economy both the cars have similar kind of fuel economy something around seven and a half to eight doesn’t matter.

Between one KD and two KT, they have both have similar kind of fuel economy also. One thing that is there to keep in mind that about the price factor. Therefore, if you want a seventh generation Toyota Hilux doesn’t matter what kind of an option and everything the price starts.

How to Get the Most Out of the Hilux Classic Vehicle.

Somewhere around two million and goes up to four million it’s all varies between what kind of an options what variant what model what are you getting the price has a big spectrum and variation because of that. This Vigo champion   viii condition cooling definitely better in the invincible compared to this one then.

This one feels a little the seat comfort is not as good as the one on that one in acceleration. There is a reason for that as this car is this engine a little tuned up but compared to a normal Vigo champion.


The seating comfort that is much better in the invincible one compared to this vehicle champion feels nice entry 3 nights. Therefore, we’ve already discussed the running price which is between 20 to 40 lakh rupees. I’ve I don’t think there is a lot to discuss the fuel economy is more or less the same which is between 20 to 7 to 8 kilometer per liter.

This car however has a smaller engine but much opened up one thing that this one has a little stiffer suspension the ride of this one is a little bit bumpy ER compared to the invincible one.

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