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How to Create a Best Blog with HostGator?

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How to Create a Best Blog with HostGator?


HostGator Forget all about writing walls of code or using complex programs to build a website, those days are over. Now, most hosting providers offer you a website builder either with their hosting plans or for a small extra fee. However, what are website builders? Well now, it means an application that allows beginners to create complex websites using browsers’ visual interfaces. Oh boy, that’s a lotta word. To break it down for you, even more, it means that the builder itself is in the browser. So no downloading or installing any software.

How to start a blog with HostGator

The visual interface means that instead of lines of code, you get an interface similar to phone apps or PC software with buttons, drag-and-drop abilities, and pre-made elements. Let’s see how good at being easy to use, and allowing you to create complex sites, HostGator website builder is. I’m Chase Edmondson, and this is Cyber News, where we help you decide if a product is right for you. Make sure to hit that subscribe button for more reviews.

Before we jump into what you can do with this builder, let’s first talk about how much it’s gonna cost you. Sadly, there’s no trial or free plan to test out HostGator builder before committing to it. You do get two options when it comes to buying and using this tool, as a separate plan or with shared hosting. The price for shared hosting starts at $2.75 a month, and it includes unlimited bandwidth and disc space.

While website builder plans start at $3.84 a month and include everything in the shared hosting package. So, why the difference? E-commerce. With the shared hosting plans, you do get the builder, but you’re not allowed to create e-commerce websites or use HostGator booking tools.

Use the Hosting Plan to Get started.

The cheapest website builder plan allows you up to three products and three email marketing campaigns. Of course, you can make a web store from scratch just by installing WordPress and Woo Commerce. However, the builder option is for people that want to have everything already set up, just create a site, and start selling. It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t play around with this builder before buying it.

Gator website builder is worth the price in my opinion. Just go with the regular shared hosting plans and you will get the best of both worlds if e-commerce is not important to your project. HostGator website builder has two modes of creating your site, express and traditional. The names are explanatory. Expresses for quick site creation, while traditional, and gives you more control. Let’s look at these methods a bit closer.

Host Your Own Blog with HostGator.

Express mode is super simple. You pick a theme and your website is all about. Then add important information, your contact details, select colors, and upload the logo. After all that is over, which takes about 10 minutes, your site is ready to launch, but you can still edit it. This editor is a lot more limited. You don’t have the drag-and-drop option. Instead of adding elements, you add already created sections.

This mode is for users that just want a website and don’t have any design plans. The biggest problem in my eyes, all the sites you create look identical. Yeah, the color, pre-made text, and images changes based on the theme you selected. However, other than that, the structure and look of your site will be the same, no matter whether your site is for cats or podcasts.

A good thing, after HostGator finishes building your site, you can customize the existing or add new content sections. These include maps, contacts, timelines, and everything you need for a simple site.

Set up Your Blog on your site.

Lastly, you can easily integrate other apps into your site. Just add a new block with Sound Cloud, Twitch, Google Calendar, or Buy Me Coffee on it, and connect your account. I think the express mode is great. If you want to create a landing page or a small business website. You can have zero experience, but with all the limitations, there is no way for you to mess things up.

But for everyone who wants some spice in their website design, there’s a traditional mode. The traditional mode is to choose a theme and then using drag and drop controls, edit it to you have something that you love. Now, the preset selection isn’t that impressive here. It’s kind of a running problem with HostGator builder. Sure, there’s quite a lot to choose from, but most templates look outdated or just plain out boring.

There are just a few I would call modern, but you don’t need to have a pretty template since you will most likely customize the hell out of it.

Use HostGator to make your blog more popular.

HostGator is on the better side of things. You can customize the overall website description, as well as additional info about separate pages. This info includes descriptions, titles, and tags. Not the most extensive system, but still way better than nothing.

The overall controls you use to build the site are great. They don’t feel sluggish or lagging. In addition, since you’re paying for the product, you don’t have to worry about ads on your site or other restrictive bull crap. Another thing I liked is that you can toggle a ruler or other helpful tools to have better control over your site. It helps to make sure elements are where you want them to be and not, you know two pics closer. While Host Gator allows you to add HTML elements to the header body or footer, it’s a very limited system.

You can’t edit the page’s code itself, and there’s no way of using CSS or JavaScript. So if you have coding knowledge, that won’t be much help here. Lastly, you do get a blogging system where you can create and add your blog post to different parts of your site. It’s a very simple tool, so don’t expect WordPress levels of options.


The only thing that I didn’t particularly like was the fact that you can’t schedule a blog post for the future. Host Gator website builder is a pretty powerful and useful tool. It’s good that you get the basic version of this builder, even if you buy shared hosting. While the website builder individual plans are not the cheapest, you get free hosting and unlimited resources to run your website. If you’re looking for a similar product, give HostGator website builder a try.

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