Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) With Best English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) With Best English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) With Best English & Urdu subtitles Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Ya Shafi. Ya Shafi, Ya Shafi. Where is the rest of these herbs? If it helps you have to boil it every day. Since Nayman came here alone, not with his army he is a guest of course he will give up on this as well. Full. Lets. Take Orhan inside to listen. You didn’t come here to help my son. Why did you come, you say. Aren’t they many, sir? It’s a lot. I see many. But it is not difficult for us, Acar.

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When this caravan reaches Olaf his hand will be very strong. Things will get better then. But we are here not to let that happen. When the time comes we’re here to cut that handoff. Now. Turks. Now the square is ours, Alpar. [Calls] [Sword Voice] [Clouds] Thus, the Sultan and the gentlemen surrendered. No more war. Let’s say I am attacked. How would you defend your lands? To explain. Let’s see, Osman. [Iron Voice] I divided your army into four branches. first arm. He stands behind Candar Bey.


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Second I walk to Karesi Bey’s side. And the third I mean, the army you’re at the head of. This one stands in front of Valide Sultan’s headquarters. You said four. You counted three, Osman. Fourth that you hide. Here that’s where he stops. When the gentlemen begin to come upon you with your ten thousand nökerin you will turn back to this fourth unit. And so you will destroy the gentlemen. I thought you knew these three armbands. But You also knew the armband that would attack from behind. Fortunately, that was no longer necessary.

Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) in English

The gentlemen will bring the gold to me. Alright and you? Would you like to be at the head of the army that was shot? If you were the first what would you do? You only rely on the number of your rebounds. But this is our home. We know the narrow straits here and the rivers that will stop your army we know nothing else. Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) in English [Swords Sounds] Of course you will tell but tell him other than that, you will say that your fate in this land is simply to die. Did you hear me?

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Let’s go now without taking your life. Collect gold, cars, whatever, braves! We’ll be back in the oba! Victory is ours! – Allahu Akbar! – Allahu Akbar! – Allahu Akbar! – Allahu Akbar! Now, as for the move I will make Let me tell you They will resent, divide the army into a hundred pieces in a thousand pieces you would try to wear it down with your hands. But, what you’re skipping is, Osman you still think like an obedient person. As you recede you will lose your cities and your positions. Besides, it would be the end of you.


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What you say and what I will do is not the same. If you want to see what I’m going to do then, you’ll try it. But until then, my moves are confidential. My lord Kumral Abdal Orhan Bey has started to tingle in his foot. The effect of the poison begins to stop, alhamdulillah. What do you think? Oh, Thank God. Thank you. Thank you. All right, Commander Nayman. Taking life and healing life are also virtues. We have both, Osman. I would like to welcome you. You are my guest tonight. I’m a heavy guest Osman. Can you host? Storm! Sir?

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You can prepare the best tent the best mattress. Commander will stay with us. Nayman He who sees less gold than he wants will not understand. Even if we give our last sustenance so much gold will not come out. Valide Sultan, where are we going to find all that gold? There is no choice but to collect all the gold that Nayman wants. For this, if necessary we can even go to Osman Bey. I brought the greetings of Her Majesty the Valide Sultan. Frigg says the chick should be taken off the plane immediately.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 (Season 4 Episode 21) With Best English & Urdu subtitles

What do you say Finished? This Frigg snake knows everything we do. Isn’t that right, Bengi Hatun? Like that. You teach right. But how will this work? Well, you will know that too. Well, you don’t come out of the plain you gave a girl you became a relative. Now, what is difficult for us is of course easy for you. Why did she leave this job to us when there were so many soldiers of the Valide Sultan? The one who comes across you if your heart is enough you can ask him this question yourself. Solve it immediately.


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