Teskilat Season 1

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles Best

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Best Urdu English Subtitles Are these those who attacked Ali Bey’s caravan? It’s your command, sir. you will go to the castle tomorrow. oh my father, my son, my lamb, has my scumbag started to be beaten ? I swear, I wouldn’t be upset Of Cerkutay, why do you keep crying, your voice echoes in the camp My children are captives I suffer longing

we took care of someone black Is the second helicopter on the way for support

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Best Urdu English Subtitles is best Turkish series.

Fever leave that black babies fever 2 of them successfully destroyed. It get that black second fire ready getting ready and you’re ready to fire 53 link act took it. What will you do? And immediately package safely Shall we move and return to all of you well done. You did a great job inside But this This is Zehra, I’m used to the application in the rain child.

Let me stay for 12 nights, I brought it. I’m sorry my love will talk you ruined our marriage but same thing I didn’t do it to our daughter.

I can’t let it later one day it’s so important to me had to leave a meeting let’s talk anyway have a nice day Hello my love, what’s up How did it go? we’ll have a meeting now Oh finally you are coming i miss you so much how is dubai Was it hot, there was air conditioning in places even. Did the pool already take you with you? then we go to romantic places You’re not going to say meetings, are you? Do you want anything from here don’t forget does it ever happen yes come on come quickly, i miss you so much.

I miss you so much Now to the airport I’m going, I have to turn it off, check it out.

I will go ok my love kiss good travels I’ll see you too Yes sir, come on brother? this is our president Come, you are welcome too. But it’s your right thank god we saw these days too. This state does not shed the blood of any individual. Serdar swore not to leave it on the ground. This is 27 in return for one of our teachers. terrorist but they were all in it And what will happen to those who deal with us?

Don’t take What is this Mr. Undersecretary with you?

It’s not enough to make you proud thank you 52 who came out of this cell house again. They’re planning things Let’s see what they rented can he find something clear now no but they work. It will smell soon Yes now you go get some rest that but i don’t know exactly. I heard someone talking the other day but it sounds good Either me or a review with your permission. I want these, my president, pup server. I’m sending you all of these Look, look. I painted it green.

Print what should i do at the moment green paint welcome too can i enter this.

Well then I’m not sure but he calmed down enjoyed the basic I his i am a mother proposal. These mothers are usually away from their family’s work. then they won’t let you go Zehra I’m not in the mood to try YouTube it was a really hard day is mommy. Look what I brought you and your favorite cookies ate with my dad Ok, ok toksan.

We will eat at your house then I want to stay with my father Don’t make me wrong but you make me sad like this Look,

You’re never missing me, you’re always working. Don’t test me your mother’s bad guys catching up you know he got a hard job. You were working this on my birthday too I promise I’ll make up for it all Come on let’s go. I don’t want to come with you can i stay with you. But look, your mother is very sad if you want you go to him now,

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

i come to you I’ll take it okay okay come on mommy more swimming too much or do you not want me like this well look. We both love you so much more than you expected.

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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