Teskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 16 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 16 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles Best

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 16 In Best Urdu English Subtitles  I’m going to the scene immediately the men will come out already but this we waste time Yes ok you have the initiative now sound i.e. Life be very careful guys let’s finish It’s understood, it’s almost understood I’m sending I’m sending ok bro Are you ready Evelallah always pay the bill We’ll be quiet, so let’s come crowd It doesn’t work. Are you sure it’s the right way?

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but right now.

We have no other choice it’s understood Hello, my president, Gendarmerie Special Operations. set off So we have to wait for the operators wouldn’t it be true being on this field will say something else but sometimes the table of what is needed hard to see from the beginning but what would i do i were you I think it does the same do you think you can make it, Lermi No, don’t worry, Special Operations is on its way.

how are you waiting i found this guy Dual cpu choice o understood what did he write something what am i doing.

This our site is logging in I’m behind you, come on, I’m very happy with this situation this partnership pushes us further in Syria it will make it stronger now shut up and see this stone will ask simple questions short and I want clear answers. Do you understand? Do you understand that we will attack the Turks? Start the details I Master the details I’m not trusting you But I really don’t know I don’t know why are we here

this is Zehra attack gun culture and general Will do it in an hour Understood

We don’t have much time gone This bag is ok, the mechanism is ready, it was the other day money for the operation take it to the movies gun merchant That bag was Gurcan accountant’s of the transmitter we placed in the bag. I need a place Yes I found it Only now in motion will attack the ground they are going Yes ok I’m sharing your tour now Serdar, we found the place,

it’s understood Ben so that you can handle things without I think it will be hard but I will be back have you arrived

they found that man’s place those who go and will attack friend It would be nicer if he told me, okay ok i will say yes sir sir are you ok Yes sir we are leaving now this house i need urgent help we need to open this But you have a little Yes, after that Let’s close this life to you How far is it about new We have a minute left, President, okay. blacks occupy the territory This address is Back Streets,

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 16 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

what do you say brother what do you say about us as much as had very little If it’s an hour honestly guys attack to carry out how many minutes if this closely distorted in the distance s are waiting for 7 do not rush bye let’s make the final preparations I don’t even want you to sit back and open the news we have the rest

let’s finish this agas, all of you you’re the same let’s go In 15 minutes the Turks will blow up Is it understood

This is ya Allah, lick Trabzon. Have the analysis reports of this Qur’an arrived? I just sent it to you Thank you Please excuse me, what do you write? What is the status of the last preparations? Topic Checking the integrated compositions we are doing analysis reports have also arrived show me this You come, let me see Teskilat Season 2 Episode 16 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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