Teskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles Best

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Best Urdu English Subtitles y Ghazi Empire, you will say will have to i will tell him everything Ok alone It is possible to make direct contact with lightning not This is not the Lightning we want right now man do you know European head of the organization contact can you build Yes But for this,

an internet-connected i need a computer i can contact Ok no problem ready to cooperate. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Best Urdu English Subtitles


There is no such thing as being Zehra Here I join there are reviews Exactly Ceren will cooperate with us

I’m evaluating So how did this happen sir? that you told him your true story I’m evaluating Yes So right now lightning family In fact, facts about your life. There’s nothing he won’t do right now to find out My President, this woman is Gürcan. me a computer tuned one Sir, what is it for? Communication with Ceren Sabri from there will establish and display the image on the computer to the big screen.

you reflect even if you stretch out there You are viewing the images Got it?

You’re welcome, my president you are doing something very wrong You may be, but the threat is great we have to take risks Good Morning what are we doing You’re dating, that’s what I thought you made the right decision, congratulations other Bus would be disastrous for you Just that he won’t leak those documents I want a Guarantee What do I do now Should I lie looking into your eyes, what is that?

means there is no guarantee in these works There are agreements

There are those who abide by the agreements There are those who don’t fit, I’ll be on that side Trust me after this stage. you have no other choice let’s go now sir follow me you’re welcome calm down first focus for a while you forgot your bouts ok let’s how to contact now you will pass what is this now Peking duck recipe with orange What’s the deal,

this is very logical now public if you want to hide information make it up what does it mean means

they’re messaging from an open source But encrypted Well, nothing much to understand now. why bro What does it say so I can figure it out i need multiple instances At what temperature do we cook the duck? What are we going to do now we will wait for the answer I can’t believe we did this which one do you believe We’re watching two traitors’ correspondence Let me go,

I’m a let me kiss me okay calm down nobody we don’t want to make a noise ok calm down See

I’m telling you to trust this woman great stupidity friends We don’t trust anyone with your father I know and respect your feelings about I hear but let our emotions get in the way of our work I can’t let my president that this woman killed my father I heard very well Like I said I know and your pain i share but to put our emotions in the background we have to, friends, Got it?

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

We are in these duties so that it does not become Sabriye is the easiest We can catch Ceren using Understood, this topic is closed. [Applause] I sent you some photos now look carefully in the shade with brown jacket skinny legs reading newspaper with glasses Since you will follow me at least use the guys who do it right now more humiliation to the evening news

If you don’t want to be the subject, tell your men. find another occupation

I am waiting incompetent bastards, you’ve been exposed leave now Sir, can you update the page? The answer has come when How many hours has it been what’s going on right now is there any solution they are dating President, let me know, they made an appointment

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