Teskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 40 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 40 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles Best

Teskilat Season Teskilat Season 2 Episode 40 In Best Urdu English Subtitles By Ghazi Empire, Don’t worry they will do it soon The important thing is a little more playground for me our efforts to ensure in progress the company is German from the highest level in contact with authorities what a stupid act here today Are we meeting to discuss what I did?

No We have much more important issues to talk about. there is what are you doing?

you don’t need to live any longer Since my father took over the company then you don’t know anything else You’ve got your way to hell Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop I didn’t say your father is still in the company, what did I say? Well just hand over to your father’s company I said you did where then now I don’t know I don’t know It’s been a long time passed everything

Don’t remember No stop stop stop okay this is what i said

I have some documents I can prove what documents kept about your father where are the records Private office where documents are kept in the head office at checkout sir what do you mean it’s too late, cops somewhere else that managed to get through led them into your eyes I mean, it’s out of their hands Unfortunately Sir, Turkish is in this business. The men must have intelligence to our country.

they want Yıldırım coming later Luke is missing sir Look

This is whoever kidnapped the luke and dodges the cops robot picture of person Sir this picture share it with all units, this is the luke We need to find the man immediately. Yes, sir my president They took out Serdar’s sketch We don’t know how else German police are throwing this everywhere too god damn this is big on us it looks like it will do the job sir they will call you

I’m evaluating Where did you get this from?

Evaluation Aren’t they the same thing? what’s the difference no Another Now Quit evaluation Sir, Mr. Halit, have a good day, have a good day. Here you go, Halit Bey, to take more of your time. I don’t want so I’ll ask directly It is useful to ask directly. I’m listening, one of our senior staff Lukas Right so your with this thread Do you have any information about how I directly

Let me answer as Turkish It has nothing to do with intelligence.

we only have a sketch maybe you want to see so let me see if that’s okay with you what will it mean to you it means i don’t understand maybe the picture you change your mind when you see it I do not think so but lastly to remind I would like if you have any interest in this subject the consequences

if it turns out to be will be well intelligence mutual distrust based business

so this is welcome to what you say I’m in a situation but the intelligence is the same on the basis of reciprocity It is a progressing business, so this event is yours. I see there will be consequences for as far as each other extremely well we get it Well then have a nice day Ok good day to you too things got messy

let’s contact the team How to get out of this We will scrape a strategic plan we need to do it right away my president

Are there any other copies of these records? in digital etc. No such documents intelligence you can’t get out of your building if you take you out you will get a bullet in your head Serdar President, here you go, your robot picture in the hands of the Germans

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 40 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

I thought there was a cop he has given the situation is dire taking yellows prediction But I had to There’s no reason not to come back to you anymore All I can say to you is don’t get caught a stain that will be stained by my state nothing will happen will definitely And don’t forget that now you’re on your own Even though

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 40 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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