Teskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles Best

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 In Best Urdu English Subtitles  I guess my luck has turned, I want additional Our last half hour is now Banane or I don’t know what’s wrong with you, isn’t it mine? do you realize how much i lost This is the Kalanchoe I know the Koran the end I see our hand, two priests in the bass man If you shoot your Mac, how much are you chasing? Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

I can see you stay oh oh rest Mrs. Zehra the man wins don’t you have to sit

You can open these cards luckily the man won ma’am this game is not for you You’re only making fibers that you didn’t see me we open it without opening the middle ones anyway you were right but the rules I love testing This bag is ok assembly ready Aren’t you kidding, please open are you Yes you are right I am making a joke You you won I know women by their eyes,

Elif they are not very good at doing many other.

we couldn’t do anything like crazy bye bye every your thing is to get away with it at the last moment. You start tomorrow like a bomb with the joy this is sorry can you see the money. you must collect this table was closed good to all mornings What to see you in the best mornings you’re doing. you’ll win a moment I couldn’t write anyway, Serdar, exactly what you showed. We hit you with money, good luck Curiosity don’t come again, we are waiting for you yes let’s go.

This company is very sensitive about Syria Absolute Dominion,

not territory we need to establish we have most of this oil or not enough and strategic regions one by one. we are losing this If Koral is established the arm that will fly out of our hands in this oil will blind our air defense systems blacks operation right under our noses When you do, our spirit will not stop. Koral cannot detect even a single grain of it. If it is established,

we have a lot of business in the Eastern Mediterranean. it gets harder it’s so clear act now.

we have to pass yesterday let’s build the pieces came to the song of the installation work they even started this issue today we need to handle But I’m ready for anything you know. Any kind of use against the Turks even 30 percent discount is still an issue came to the money our daily operation. I didn’t get paid either this is my advice to you if he talks about money on the tables.

You make yourself look small This is the janitor Sir, has the boss Bashir come?

here in five minutes but don’t we all do it for money sell everything with money you think you can get buy food with this wrong money You can get it but at work it can’t. You can buy this medicine no, but you can’t get health, you can get information. But he can’t stay wise Yes Well you can have fun But have fun it is not possible. The men he will do his job with this money. you can find but you can’t find friends. How the hell is everything with money?

But you can buy the shell can’t buy core

But these are for hire with mercenaries It would be more accurate to say murderer. I have taken every precaution God will make you wait for a while This is the order, sir, we need to search him. need ok Let them break assigned that you have to look for in your purse Is there any metal item in your bag? What?

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 In Best Urdu English Subtitles

let me know, don’t hand me your bag anymore I had to ask you to open it. That’s enough. how dare you call me Hello, my president, the man comes to the place with the bag.

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