The Most Expensive Eclipse Mega Yacht Is Worth $1.5 Billion

The Most Expensive Eclipse Mega Yacht Is Worth $1.5 Billion


The eclipse is not only the most expensive super yacht boat in the world. It’s also the most secure the 1.5 billion dollar vessel looks like the offspring of a naval ship and a luxury cruise liner. This ship is a floating fortress thanks to a state-of-the-art missile defense system and bulletproof glass pirates wouldn’t dare attack this impenetrable mega yacht.

There’s no safer place upon the open sea for a billionaire. There’s no place more fun either eclipse has a pool that transforms into a dance floor and a mini sub for exploring coastal reefs here’s a look at the luxurious and indestructible eclipse super yacht.



The eclipse super yacht is the stuff of legend people are in awe whenever the 1.5 billion dollar mega yacht pulls into port to call eclipse jaw dropping would be an understatement. Only the richest people in the world can afford to charter this floating paradise and its owner is one of the richest people in the world.

It took five long years for German shipbuilding company blamin vos to build the eclipse super yacht and once it was completed it broke records upon completion in 2009. The boat charter was the longest in the world with a length of 165.2 meters. It has been surpassed by the 179.7 meter long AZAM mega yacht but eclipse is still the most expensive.

If you want a charter eclipse for a week be prepared to pay 2 million dollars. It costs 75 million per year just to operate the massive vessel and the ship’s captain can earn as much as 200,000 per year. Four diesel engines put out 39,700 Horsepower and the ship can reach a top speed of 22knots fuel isn’t cheap either. The ship can burn three thousand dollars worth of fuel in a single hour.


Eclipse has a 70 member crew and docking fees can be as much as 350,000. The eclipse is elegant inside and out. It better be for that price the ship features a stylish art deco interior which was designed by rockstar yacht architect Terence disdain. The yacht was designed with the utmost care and detail and disdain’s goal was to create a mega yacht that combined function practicality and elegance cruising in the yacht is a breeze.

Thanks to the ultra modern stabilization system and the ship’s nine decks gleam in the sunlight thanks to high-end teak wood, if you see the eclipse docked in Monaco or the French Riviera. You might not believe your eyes it’s that luxurious the eclipse super yacht is filled with a wealth of luxurious features and high class amenities. It’s a billionaire’s playground and the ultimate party ship.

Safe and Secure:

The ship is so safe and secure thanks to its defense system that few people have even managed to step foot on its deck. The ship has two helipads which allow its billionaire owner to arrive on board in complete safety most billionaires have a fleet of helicopters and that’s no issue on the eclipse. The yacht can hold three helicopters at a time two on the helipads and one in the ship’s garage located on the top deck the cabins on the eclipse are incredibly stylish and luxurious even five-star hotel rooms look like hovels in comparison.

There are 17 luxury guest cabins on the ship and one extremely elegant master suite 36 guests can relax in style aboard. The eclipse guests are pampered like royalty by the crew. Each cabin on the yacht comes with a private six-foot tall home cinema screen a Jacuzzi a private spa and specialized security systems. Guests can relax comfortably knowing, they’re protected at all times. The master suite might be the most secure place on the boat thanks to the bulletproof glass that surrounds the cabin.

The sturdy bulletproof glass also surrounds the entirety of the bridge outfitting the ship with bulletproof glass was really expensive 10 million dollars to be precise. Billionaires are never bored while traveling on the eclipse the mega yacht has a gym, beauty salon, first class beach club and two swimming pools. One of the 16 meter swimming pools converts into a dance floor and there’s even a disco club on the first level of the yacht.

Sailing in Style:

We all know how billionaires love to party. There are so many places to relax and lounge on the ship. Guests soak up the sun on the sundeck what a revelation chill in the atrium or enjoy a world-class meal in the dining hall. The eclipse is one of the most technologically advanced ships in the world. It has security and safety features that you would typically only find in a naval vessel motion sensors are strategically placed around the yacht and the boat boasts a 50 million dollar anti-ballistic missile defense system.

What the German-made missile defense system is only the ship’s first line of defense. If a missile does manage to get through the billionaire on board can escape to safety via the ship’s escape pod. The escape pod is actually a high-tech two-person mini submarine. Of course, the mini sub can also be used to explore nearby coral reefs. So not just to avoid death but for fun stuff too. It doubles as a toy and an escape vehicle and you can slide.

It under the bed for easy storage. The two-person mini sub can reach depths of 150 meters, which makes it the perfect vehicle to observe marine life and explore nearby islands. The eclipse is also equipped with three launch boats that can be used to travel to nearby beaches.

Privacy from Paparazzi:

All guests on board can easily head to a nearby island for a beach party and an exclusive dining experience via the launch boats. Eclipse’s most unique feature might be its anti-paparazzi system which some people have described as a laser shield love it. It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie but it’s actually science fact the laser shield emits beams of infrared light and detects electronic light sensors used by digital cameras.

Who owns the eclipse super yacht the vessel is available for charter but it’s actually owned by Russian billionaire roman Abramovich. He took possession of the vessel in 2010 and paid 500 million dollars to have the yacht built to his specifications. The yacht is worth 1.5 billion dollars He got an amazing return on his investment


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