The Simply Woman International Award 2021 – Malalai Joya

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The Simply Woman International Award 2021

Malalai Joya – “Woman for Peace”


The Simply Woman International Award, held 18 November 2021 in the evocative setting of the “Mario Spina” municipal theater in Castiglion Fiorentino, ended by giving us, once again, unforgettable stories and emotions.

Malalai Joya Awarded as a Woman for Peace in the 2021 at the Simply Woman International Award.

The complete list of categories and winners of the 2021:

NO Name Category
1 Esohe Aghatise Human Rights
2 Malalai Joya Woman for Peace
3 Annamaria Spina Woman Courage
4 Ambra Sabatini Women and sport
5 Zakia Seddiki Attanasio Social and civil commitment
6 Adriana Albini Scientific Research
7 Giuseppina Mengano Amarelli Entrepreneurship for the social
8 Antonella Celletti Gender equality
9 Marilena Natale Woman Courage
10 Giovanna Botteri Journalism
11 Anna Rita Orfino for the Mother and Child Program of the SOS Children’s Village of Ostuni Special prize “SOS Children’s Villages”

Malalai Joya Interview at X Premio Semplicemente Donna:

On The Simply Woman International Award by X Premio Semplicemente Donna Malalai Joya interview:

It is an honor for me that on behalf of the suffering people of Afghanistan especially oppressed women. I received this award which has huge moral value for us and put more responsibility on my shoulder, on behalf of my people to continue to our struggle, against the occupation against fundamentalism for peace Justice and democracy. Progressive or the only alternative for the bright future of Afghanistan that they should be supported.

If they had chance to be empowered the progressive men and women then huge positive changes came in Afghanistan and there was hope that the values like democracy peace, Justice woman rights to come in our country. But unfortunately in the past four decades the sworn enemies of these values ended the different name of the burners were in power and that’s why the situation day by day getting more disastrous.

Unfortunately the situation of woman in my country is wast then ever since the Taliban comes in power. They banned a woman and the girls from going to school and having jobs even buying them from their basic lifestyle. For example, they not allow them to go to the parks or go to the sports clubs and force marriages child, bride sooning to date a bit woman with lashes publicly and this list can be prolonged that they committed all these woman rights violation against the woman.

Because they are misogynist and they afraid of the power of the woman and afraid of a woman to be educated and even recently that Educational Center in Kabul has been attacked in the society attack and the hundreds of students were killed and injured just for the crime of learning the education. We have many examples that the terrorist Taliban misogynist Taliban’s since come in power they act more savagely than the past to compare.

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