The Suzuki Swift: A Fine Vehicle for a Fine in 2022

The Suzuki Swift: A Fine Vehicle for a Fine


Today we are reviewing the Suzuki swift.  Now this one is the third generation it came out in 2017 and 2021. It got a bit of a different facelift kind of styling but most importantly, a huge amount of emphasis is now on safety. We will be talking about that a little later, but let’s talk about prices for this. Because in the new car world, this is phenomenal value. So I’m gonna ahead and say it’s 17 770 euros and that comes with so much spec apple car play.


Emergency braking adaptive cruise control. It has it this entire one only has one option, which is about 380 euros. It’s for this pearl white paint, so the value is definitely in the Suzuki swift. Now, if you want to search for Suzuki’s for sale, you can hit the link up there. You can find over 1,000 trusted dealers on don deal. It means you can buy confidently and securely.

The Suzuki Swift is a Fine Vehicle for a Fine Life.

Now let’s get into the review. Let’s talk about the design because when it comes to the way it looks Suzuki has got a lot of competitors. There’s the ford fiesta which looks fantastic with the Peugeot 208. You’ve got the Volkswagen polo there are some Korean counterparts. It is a very competitive market. This is a lot more affordable than all of those but it actually looks really well now as the standout feature. On the rear is this reflective light down.

There I do think that looks good on the side. I really like the way the door is open here very Nissan duke-sequel. At the front, it’s got a bit of a happy look to it, which I really do like. This is the Suzuki, however, you can spec it higher up to the sz5 and that comes with some carbon diffusers. A spoiler and a different front grille that looks nice. So what does the interior of an 000 euro Suzuki look like, to be honest? You’re going to be relatively unpleasantly surprised. So first thing I notice, when I get in any car is the steering wheel.


What Are the Different Types of Suzuki Swift Vehicles?

I like this Suzuki steering wheel. It reminds me somewhat of a Mazda, which is a good thing. I really do think Mazda has some nice steering wheels than here. You have your kind of infotainment system. Now it has all your radio and your phone connectivity and it works really well has to be said a little bit leggier than some of its competitors.

It’s also a lot cheaper and most importantly it has apple car play and android auto and looks how quickly. It connects one, two, and three and we connected in less than three seconds. In some cars. You can be five, six, and seven seconds, which can be frustrating. When you’re on a phone call and you lose the person for a minute in terms of storage well down, here you’ve got some storage for your phone.

It also has a 12-volt socket USB charging point that is also, where you plug in your apple car-play two-drink holders.


Specifications, features and dimensions of the Suzuki Swift Range:


12-volt socket USB charging point
1.2L Dualjet Engine
4.6L/100km fuel economy manual#
4.8L/100km fuel economy automatic‡
5-speed manual transmission or automatic CVT transmission
9-inch multimedia touch screen with Bluetooth, USB audio playback, voice control, steering wheel controls and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ connectivity.
Reverse camera


What Are the Different Types of Suzuki Swift Drivers?

They’re actually not that wide. Therefore, they’ll work for two bottles of water but you won’t fit two coffees in there. However, there is another cup holder down here in the side compartment here and there’s a little bit of storage down here. I also love this good old-fashioned handbrake. There is a glove box there it’s not massive.

It just fits your user manual and service history in front of you. Here you have your usual speedo and rev-meter odometer is that what’s called? You’ve got a digital display really small but it has all your information.

Your speed, you can also rather change that to what you like. On your steering wheel on the left-hand side. You’ve got all your volume you can change the radio station. There are a few buttons down here for your phone and then over here on the right-hand side. You’ve got all your cruise control your adaptive cruise control. You can change all those and then on the stalks here on the left-hand side it’s ultimately your light.

So indicator you also have, you can have automatic lights change all that. On the right, you have everything to do with your window wipers. So it’s very intuitive very basic but in a good way, it’s not over complicated. It does what it says it does and I like that also heating controls dials buttons.

How to Get Started in the Suzuki Swift.

I like that ac on ac off adjust the heat it’s not too complicated. In the back, the door opens very wide, and then putting a chance seat in is actually quite easy. Because there are no covers on these ice-fix points, so just one less thing to worry about. Now when you do sit in you’re going to be pleasantly surprised again by decent knee room that’s my actual driving position and am a tall individual. I have loads of knee room and decent headroom and it’s a little bit narrow.

So three larger adults won’t fit too easily but it is quite roomy back here for the size of the car. A bit of storage in their drink holder here and a drink holder in the door bin there. However, one thing I have to shout out is this device. So if you’re new to the world and you’ve been born since 2000. This is how windows used to open and it goes down the whole way how cool is it that those are dying breeds; I actually think they’re really cool.

Tips for Enjoying the Suzuki Swift.

You can’t spec it with electric windows but I’d advise not doing it. The swift’s boot well it opens up here nice and easily in here, you have about 265 liters, which is more than enough. It’s not gigantic fitting golf clubs it might be a little bit difficult. The seats do actually fall down. So very handy one thing and the Suzuki was doing well but there’s no spare wheel. This is a tire puncture repair kit, which is a little bit of a shame.

Overall, it will do the job now before we go for a drive. I want to talk about the engines and then I promise we’ll get out there and see what it’s like behind the wheel. So in terms of powertrains well underneath the bonnet, this always happens you can never find it when you’re actually going to do it underneath the bonnet. We have a 1.2-liter engine and that is actually a four-cylinder, which I really like a lot of engines are three-cylinders.

Enjoy the Suzuki Swift for Sporty Transportation.

Nowadays having a four-cylinder just is a little bit smoother. Now it’s a mild hybrid you don’t really notice the hybrid thing at all when you’re driving. It basically just means the starter motor gets a little bit more of a kick when you’re taking off and gives you an extra little bit of power. It has 83 brake horsepower, which isn’t a huge amount of power, but it is more than enough for a little car like this, particularly nipping around town.

If it’s your first car or maybe you’re a little bit older. It is good now in the UK you can spec it with a higher output. However, in Ireland, I haven’t been able to see that on Suzuki’s website I might be wrong. Right now this is the only engine available you can get it in automatic though.

The Suzuki Swift: A Fine Vehicle for a Fine


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