Walk of Hope 2015-16 Flag off and Jan satyagraha 2012

Rajagopal P V – Walk of Hope 2015-16 Flag off and

Jan satyagraha 2012

Jan satyagraha 2012:

The government on Thursday agreed to ten demands made by Ekta Parishad, which has been spearheading the movement by the landless poor, who were on a march to Delhi to demand land reforms.

The government has agreed to the demand for a national land reform policy and fast track land tribunals for speedy disposal of the land cases and enhanced land access as well as land rights for the poor, marginalized and deprived landless poor.


The announcement came after Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh today met the landless at Agra. Expressing happiness over the development, Ekta Parishad head Rajagopal announced end of the protest march and praised Jairam Ramesh for taking initiative to help the poor.

The Jan Satyagraha 2012 Yatra, which started from Gwalior Oct 2, had intended to reach Delhi on Oct 28 if no agreement was reached with the government. Nearly 35,000 people were part of the protest march. Jan satyagraha 2012

In 2012 over 400 million Indians still  live in great poverty and their rural life is at stake. So the time to change  is now on 2nd October 2012. We will  walk we are Ekta perisher and we are  hundred thousand people marching from Gwalior to daily in a month.  We strongly believe in Gandhi’s  nonviolent struggle.


We have become a  large grassroots movement and in the  manner of Gandhi. we are fighting for the  rights and livelihoods of the poor and  marginalized of India. we demand that  every person benefit from equal and guaranteed access to land forest and  water. The whole population  regardless of origin or cost be able to  live in dignity that the land reform and  a development model will take into  account the forest and in this way  detect the rights of all citizens  equally. We have been walking for freedom  and justice for English course since  1991.

We are ready to walk once again we  will continue gone this way and we will  walk the John satyagraha the time to act  is now stand up for non-violence  equality solidarity and justice give us  a chance to bring about change support  us by spreading this message by  informing yourself by donating keep us  walking and let us be heard  you

Walk of Hope 2015-16 Flag off – Felicitation by Rajagopal P V

Rajagopal P. V. vice chairman of the Gandhi peace foundation to speak a few words,

“Gandhiji came back to India 100 years back from Africa. You know India is celebrating his return to India and when Gandhi came he was advanced to go around the country to understand India. During that yatra Gandhi was able to create hope and enthusiasm among people and that hope and enthusiasm was converted into action which finally led into freedom of INDIA.

So here again after 67 years of freedom g.m is going to walk he’s going to walk through India to create hope. so this is our responsibility people sitting on the dash people sitting among the audience that the kind of hope and enthusiasm that he will be able to create through this walk. We should be able to divert convert that into action in order to bring about change basic change in this country. That is one challenge in front of us as a result of the work that M is going to conduct.

This is a historical time friends see 2015 hundred years of mahatma Gandhi’s returned to india 2017, 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to chomp are and where he took position with the poor and the farmers and 190 2019 will be hundred years 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. So historical time for us to act so I want to thank, GM for beginning this process to inspire many of us to get into action to transform india.

If you have read today’s newspaper there is an NRI meeting happening in Amath bath. The maximum appreciation went to the Prime Minister bhuttan. when he when he spoke about happiness index and supposed to the growth index. I remember some days back when I met the former prime minister of Bhutan. he told me miss Rajagopal this idea of happiness came from Gandhi.

He gave this idea of servo Dia servo day is well being of all happiness of world. so we took it from you so my request to Sri m will be during your yatra kindly redefined development. Development is not all about growth and profit. Development is all about ethics and justice happiness and well-being of all.

I hope he will be able to rearticulate and redefine development and bring about basic change in this country that will read that will take justice to everyone in this country. Finally on behalf of Acta parature than many Gandhian organizations with which i work. i want to assure GM that we are with you in this walk we are also with you in the fall of action of all the issues that will emerge from the walk thank you very much.”

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