What is InMotion Hosting?

What is InMotion Hosting?


Today we reviewed InMotion Hosting. Web hosting that grows with your business. Security clearly is a very important factor when you choose a hosting company and as you can see it says premium web hosting with 247365 technical support 99.99 of the time with a risk-free money-back guarantee. So risk-free money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with them you get your money back which is a great already great way of showing trust and reliability.

Because if you’re not confident in your product, you will never offer a money-back guarantee. If you scroll down the website page quickly before we look at all these plans. You can see here they are multi-award-winning service and support teams.


InMotion Hosting is the most affordable way to build a website.

We have here Sabrina d from customer service that says my job, is to make sure you are 100 satisfied with your web hosting. InMotion Hosting exactly what they do not only will do will you give you a very strong ironclad promise that you get your money back. If you’re not happy but it’s not just 14 days or even a month no look industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee.

You can try them out for 90 days not just three full months right, you test the whole platform. If you’re not happy you get your money back simply. As this is how confident, they are that you will be satisfied with their service. Now let me show you the different plans and this is one aspect as well. What I really like about them is that you have room for growth because it’s not just shared hosting.

They have also dedicated hosting again here. Secure web hosting grows with your business. This is what you need, so if you’re launching a new project.


How to Get Started with InMotion Hosting.

You’re only starting up. You’ll be fine with shared hosting to start with at 299 per month for instance sold 299. What’s that like that’s maybe the price of a cup of coffee perhaps then you can grow afterward. Then you can go to maybe a VPS hosting. If you need plenty of resources, you can have dedicated hosting just for yourself. So what’s the difference between those different plans?

We have a smaller illustration here a small image now just imagine that the server is designed like a Rubik’s cube. You might have different layers and those layers are divided into different sections. What you’re gonna have you’re gonna get one of those sections. The resources are shared among all these different users on that shared server. Hence, the name shared hosting, and then we have a VPS.

You have layers so you don’t have sections anymore smaller section is just layers. You get a full layer for yourself and now if you needed more resources. You can get a dedicated server in which case you get the full server just for yourself. InMotion Hosting

Use InMotion Hosting for the Most Popular Sites.

Let’s discover shared hosting because this would be suitable for most businesses most companies including e-commerce etc… No problem at all so there we have it so we have four different offers here. You can see we have core launch power and pro. It starts up at only 2.99 per month I mentioned that’s the price of a cup of coffee to have your website and your business up and running online.

Therefore, what’s the difference between those four different offers here well basically. it’s all about speed and performance, so the more you pay the faster. It will get the more resources you will get and the faster. It will be as well, so this one here 299 is twice the speed and performance this one is six times the ultra-stack speed and performance 12 and 20. So again the more you pay the faster it will get and those three here exclusively those three not.


The first one they have the ultra-stack speed, so ultra-stack here just if I hover on top InMotion Hosting. We can see it says that it’s a custom technology stack with advanced layout caching that is fine-tuned for speed. All that is stored on that server is your website cached with a special caching feature, which will absolutely increase your performance drastically. You know this is one thing all right so, I kept the best for last. the first one is that you get unlimited websites. You can host as many websites as you get unlimited disk space on your hard drive InMotion Hosting

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