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Cloud Hosting from Google: A Comprehensive Guide 2022

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Cloud Hosting from Google: A Comprehensive Guide 2022


Welcome to this session on Google cloud platform website hosting and let’s understand what the Google cloud platform offers. When it comes to your web hosting requirements here, we will learn about goal cloud web hosting. Some basics of cloud computing web hosting service providers. What is GCP and why go for its different types of web hosting, are possible use cases such as lush?

A quick hands-on using GCP for web hosting when you talk about cloud web hosting google cloud. The feature of hosting secure and reliable websites easily ensures customers and site protection. The website is hosted on a fast and reliable network.

What is Cloud Hosting from Google

Now when we talk about Google cloud, it is always good to know some basics of cloud computing. When we talk about cloud computing is using resources, which are provided by your cloud services providers such as Google cloud and cloud computing. When we talk about cloud computing this is using services that are hosted on the infrastructure managed by the cloud provider.

When we talk about resources that can be used that may include big data services storage options. You are computing options networking options and various other services, which a cloud provider offers.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing has various different service models such as you have platform-as-a-service and software-as-service infrastructure. A service also these days we talk about containers as a service and these are the different computing service models, which are being offered by cloud service providers. Your storage capacity is going for an unlimited storage capacity and using a resource provided by a cloud service provider benefiting from reliability and cost efficiency, which is offered by a cloud provider.

In this case, we are talking about Google cloud when you talk about web hosting service providers. There are various web hosting service providers you have AWS, you have Squarespace, IBM, cloud GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Google cloud.

Choose the right type of GCP

If you use different services offered by Google when you talk about the live migration of apps. When it comes to life migrate on of apps so there are specific features. For example, when you talk about a computer engine there is a feature stating live migration where your resources or your instances that are running applications would be migrated during say maintenance from one underlying host to another underlying host without affecting the performance of your application.

You can benefit from that when you talk about big data Google cloud has various offerings in the big data space and that’s one of the advantages of GCP in comparison to other competitors. You would use whether that would be infrastructure as a service such as using computer engines, and instances and running your applications on them or might be a managed service such as data PROC or Bigtable or your big query.

You can have your Hadoop clusters running, store huge amounts of data, or even build your data warehouse. In the case of Google in comparison to other competitors, when you talk about speed and performance it’s very fast and increases the performance of your project.

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Deduplication plans

You have different services for your big data needs such as pub/sub for published subscribing messaging systems or going for data PROC that allows you to spin up your Hadoop and spark. Clusters to run your different jobs and so on so when we talk about features of the Google cloud platform. It offers high productivity because you are using resources that are based on the same infrastructure which Google uses for its own different use cases.

You can work from anywhere provided you have an internet connection and you can connect to the cloud platform and use different services offered via the web you can quickly collaborate with different teams or different colleagues working on different projects, which might be sharing or using different GCB resources


There are fewer sources or you could say data that is stored or vulnerable devices there is high-reliability flexibility or scalability, which GCP offers. The cost-effectiveness really makes it a good choice when you would want to benefit from infrastructure modernization and use a cloud platform solution for your use case. When you talk about different types of web hosting Google cloud offers three types of web hosting you have WordPress now. It is a free and open-source content management system.

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