Barbaroslar Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 25 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 25 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1
Barbarosa season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 25 With Best Urdu English Subtitles, You will come he had it done now none we can say babies between the air my son do you miss to step ashore did you miss me my god inside i lost it’s my eye Is it a sin? is it a sin? I don’t understand if it is similar to Izmir Therefore, the most obvious characteristic of the animal love to fight and other trash did

i set no one else there That’s the sting that’s ok favorite kill Girls you should have seen more Chief waited

Then wait and the question popped up this cock no cousin i love it sword fasting moment I’m out and where also does not come home ran what so he went home as soon as he got off the ship You know, my trip had a mishap I say we’ll talk about it their seas became a father from stress and a little cortair but if we’re going to talk to me too you can ask I look at you having fun you now

Barbarossa Episode 25 With Best Urdu English Subtitles


I thought you see don’t you realize this name is out of diameter but from the female soul

we can’t get a bit of it [Applause] this if nothing else happened don’t do it all along, you came like that mi Good luck yawn, we’re on the way I’m sorry that disaster doesn’t come let’s talk crazy he was talking, my heart got stuck like this my dear I said I thought it would be a bird and come out of your mouth that something happened to my fast I’ll assign you, you came, that’s enough Thank God thank goodness thank you

this cut it all was a single man What Schools Are Over,

What Talks what did we talk about and these are our yuw4 brothers the name of one of these brothers is ready just like you they later provided they couldn’t see each other I’ll understand that I’ll understand he is old I say look, I’ll go, listen more let me give my nephews a hug my brother let me see my aunt bro let’s see with the eyes of this world you said good, fasting and maybe

If he sits with my father I mean, Ugh has been cut all this time angrydemir, isn’t this question human?

hopefully hopefully i stop you Let’s see this burning fasting too this May his life be fruitful, Kılıçbey, thank you thank you thank you right in a row please ordered cobalto here you go son I will give my name to your mouth My son, who is known as Kılıçoğlu, is a hawk. In fact, the head of the enemy with its claws like Yuh,

the son whose name I call Falcon, and the lover His fate is known for his arrival.

it’s our fault daddy’s gonna blush we said it would throw my face this time a fry but I will raise my face i got the news one of these Turkish Levents is antuan the mud pile of the damned took care of his brother the self did he put Who did this job okay picture no one from the page ba ba ba fasting we know fasting grapes, the fasting we know, and a brother, currently chasing guard duty pony

I think Nuran trommel his Sending his brother to the married putter batur ball If he belittles

those men who came to you I wish my son was like this Mazlum even if he showed bravery I wish Kılıç brain had prayed behind him If they said that his son came out like him I think to myself here I stay inside of me But you come and he guys, my little dude, this is what’s described

We were going to be money for the Kefere organization Aren’t these two brothers out of your hands?

if it doesn’t hold, someone else will come whatever more days eliminated but tomorrow go and visit your brother with fasting are we going to your feet again We will go to Emir’s length Let them come here We why do we understand my son No load from Yigit Just take a look at the mountain ranges, it won’t be Eyüp. They think they’re writing to each other,

Barbarossa Episode 25 With Best Urdu English Subtitles

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